E. Rose MacDonald Farm

    A mixed farming operation in Lorne, Pictou Co. consisting of beef cattle and sheep. The cattle are predominantly Aberdeen Angus, the progeny of successive purebred bulls. They are raised to produce beef carcass as well as replacement heifers for the home farm and for sale.  Feeder calves for sale to feedlot owners are usually available . Calves are vaccinated routinely to accommodate prospective buyers. The sheep are basically a combination of Suffolk and North Country Cheviot which contributes to their hybrid vigour. Lambs are on a program of tasvax or covexin. The males are castrated and all lambs are docked.  All rams used are purebred. Some of the Suffolk ewes are purebred but not registered.  All of the animals on this farm are cared for with their comfort and freedom from stress, an important factor.(stress is reduced with the use of Maremma dogs as livestock protection from coyotes)  Mature ewes and replacement ewe lambs available each year.


E. Rose MacDonald


547 Lorne Station Road, Pictou Co. B0K 1C0


902-923-2439 | fax 902-923-1956


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