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   Farm Produce... Farm Produce Local Farm Produce alows you to eat fresh and stay healthy. Our farmers produce a wide range of vegetables, fruits & berries and take great pride in their naturaly grown produce.
JWAR Farms Ltd

Blueberry producers

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Knotty Acres

We are a small scale farm located in Salt Springs. We offer pasture raised chicken, duck and quail eggs. We are vendors at the… View Farm Details >>

L.G.MacLean & Sons Ltd.

Strawberry U-Pick.
Sells strawberries locally to groceries stores

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Lochview Farm
Lochview Farm

Lochview Farm is located in Lyon’s Brook, Pictou Co. It is a beef farm situated overlooking the West River, maintaining a 100+ head herd. … View Farm Details >>

Piedmont Valley Farms

Piedmont Valley Farms is focused on sustainable and ecological development. The 98.6 acre heritage property in Piedmont Valley, N.S., is a diverse farm… View Farm Details >>

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